Heavy Duty premium acrylic-latex topcoat paint for the application of protective and decorative paint coatings inside buildings.

It is especially recommended for painting walls in rooms of heavy and very heavy traffic (such as corridors, staircases, etc.) and ‘wet’ rooms (such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries). It is also recommended for public utility buildings, health service premises, hotels, food industry production plants (without direct contact with food). It is intended for painting mineral substrates (such as concrete, cement renders, cement-lime renders, lime renders, and gypsum renders as well as drywall) and those covered by coatings, topcoats based on polymers and covered with wallpapers made of glass fibres. It is used for both primary painting and renovation painting on substrates with uniform or changeable structure and colour. Absorbent substrates should be primed with Terrix® PR-SP or Terrix® PI-AS before paint application.

The product exceeds Category I (BS-EN-13300) requirements and is suitable for use in heavy traffic areas.


Very high resistance to wet scrubbing and washing
High resistance to water-based detergents
Very low surface absorbability
Very good coverage
High resistance to scribbling
Very high resistance to dirt at the level achievable only for “ceramic" paints
Suitable for very dark colours


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