The Carpark Insulation System TERRIX® CIS-1 can be used on new or existing (retrofit) cellings.

TERRIX® CIS-1 system is designed for insulation of ceilings in closed and open unheated rooms, above which there are heated rooms, e.g. in garages, parking lots and basements. Made of non load-bearing construction elements. It does not contribute directly to the stability of the wall on which it is installed, but it can contribute to durability by providing enhanced protection from the effect of sound proofing and fire proofing.

Benefits to the customer

Best in Class A Flame retardency
Non organic means no spread of flame
The system can be designed to any required U Value
Vapour permeable (fully breathable)
No disturbance to the sub structure of the building
Black mould and algae resistant
Chemical bond means no delamination
Aesthetically pleasing attractive finish
No water penetration
Minimal long term maintenance
Speed of application outperforms any other comparative system

Diagram showing system cross-section

Benefits to the applicator

Minimal tools
Quick easy application
No drilling
Easy to handle and work