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Poor quality and below average finishes that need re doing in a year are no longer acceptable.

F&T Terrix company statement on how using our materials the applicator and property owner deliver a strong sustainability, environment and carbon contribution by default and or a desire to contribute. Read more

Helping shape the city sky lines of the future

Terrix works alongside clients seeking long lasting building fabrics, increasing the longevity of the finish, and reducing maintenance issues in a growing number of historical buildings, domestic properties, and high rise and commercial buildings. Providing the only system offering long term no delamination, Terrix guarantees the longest protection of colours, water-proof with a fire rating of (Cat A, B).

Project Management & Technical Support

Our team understand the pressures of budget and time frames in construction and the Terrix® range can help reduce budgets whilst improving quality and greatly reduce build times.

We work in partnership with our clients from initial planning through to completion offering advise on all products to ensure the correct specification is used.

Building fabrics education /CPD presentations for new build and restoration sector

We offer live video presentations, discussion topics for property owners, councils, housing trust, illustrating new ways to restore properties and new build applications.

We also support architects seeking alternative innovative methods over the traditional systems, that cause short and long term maintenance issues or simply cannot offer a solution to the problem area. We have a specialist team with a wealth of experience in the field to working towards making a difference in the industry.

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Diagram showing layers of home wall insulation

Green initiative

The government’s Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme allows you to apply for a voucher towards the cost of installing energy efficient improvements to your home if you are a homeowner or a residential landlord.

National carbon targets will be being introduced in the near future and home insulation will be essential. External insulating of your home will reduce the release of heat out through the walls, increasing insulation and warmth of the house whilst adding value to the property.

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Terrix are also working with landlords, SHA’s and their contractors to provide habitable, healthier & safer homes, protect & assist them with new regulations (relating to damp & mould exposure) and pro-long the look & quality of their housing assets.

Product Technical Specification

Each Terrix® product page has downloadable pdf specification sheets, and technical information on the products.

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