Terrix® brick slips are a product that imitates bricks in an incredibly realistic way.

Using the highest quality quartz sand and special resins for production, thanks to which our product offers unique properties such as vapour permeability, resistance to algae growth, lightweight and fire resistance. Terrix® brick slips are available in 26 standard colours and 4 textures. We can make custom colours upon request. The manufacturing method allows us to make each tile utterly unique in terms of colour and texture so that the facades look as if they were made of traditional bricks. Terrix® brick slips are very light, so they can be used on almost any facade without the need for additional reinforcement or foundation.

Benefits to the customer

Best in Class A Flame retardency
Non organic means no spread of flame
No cavity required for SFS or timber frame
Vapour permeable (fully breathable)
Long lasting colour -Keeps our cities bright
Black mould and algae resistant
Chemical bond means no delamination
No risk of cracking
No water penetration
Frost resistant
No flashing meaning
Minimal long term maintenance
Speed of application outperforms any other comparative system

Benefits to the applicator

Do not require any complicated tools to install
All you need is a spirit level, notched trowel, small paintbrush, pencil, scissors and measuring tape
Installation similar to tiling, but it is much simpler
One applicator can apply up to 80m2 Terrix® brick slip a day

Case Studies