We embrace cutting-edge and environmentally conscious building materials that will make a difference to the future of the construction industry.

F&T Terrix are dedicated to introducing innovative products to the market with the focus on on reducing the construction sector's carbon footprint and changing the way that buildings are being constructed. Energy efficient materials and application processes that can shorten the time it takes to build projects with extended guarantees of quality are essential for the industry to strive to do better and meet future environmental targets.

Innovation Meets Quality

As a business supporting the green initiative to lower the carbon footprint of domestic properties by applying effective insulation solutions is paramount. Partnering with CARA to Introduce Terrix External Wall Insulation System with mineral wool EW1-W1 and EW1-E2 to the UK housing market means we can deliver an energy efficiency solution to reduce carbon emission on private properties whilst providing cost effective and sustainable green solutions to the home owner. National carbon targets will be being introduced in the near future and home insulation will be essential. External insulating of your home will reduce the release of heat out through the walls, increasing insulation and warmth of the house.

With ever rising heating costs and increasing turbulent weather conditions the challenge home owners face to keep warm whilst keeping energy bills low is increasingly difficult. Houses that suffer from heat loss, degradation and damp issues often as a result of sub quality insulation and render, combined with the affects of external weather conditions can result in failure of the insulation and render.

That’s where TERRIX® EWI-W1 and EWI-E2 insulation solutions steps in. Designed to enhance thermal insulation of your house slowing the loss of heat, reducing energy bills whilst improving the overall visual looks of your property, adding value and protected for the long term.

The insulation solution provided by TERRIX® assists in lowering the carbon footprint of domestic properties, they work to keep heat in the building and therefore lowering your energy usage.


After building fabrics applied to house exterior


Before building fabrics applied to house exterior

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