Polymer-silicate premium paint is intended for use for outdoor applications as a protective and decorative coating.

Based on innovative Swiss technology combining silicate and dispersion binding agents. It is recommended for both new buildings and renovation projects. Can be applied on mineral substrates (such as traditional lime renders, cement-lime renders and cement renders as well as thin coat mineral renders, silicate renders, polymer-silicate renders). Terrix EP-PS can be used for recoating of substrates with synthetic-based paint coatings when mineral paint coating is required.

Absorbent mineral substrates, prior to paint application, require priming with Terrix PR-PS-P.

Benefits to the customer

No peeling or delamination or cracking
Full Vapour permeability
Very high resistance to dirt
Flame retardancy
Colour retention that lasts
Natural algae resistance
Low maintenance cost
Reduced alkalinity

Benefits to the applicator

Spray application
Decreased wash-off risk
Easy spot repairs


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