RD-HYDROGRAFF HP is a flexible and high wear resistant polyurethane coating.

RD-Hydrograff HP has a very low VOC content and emits almost no odor during application. It is used in demanding industries such as food and pharma, restaurants, hotels, shops, etc. Its hard but flexible film, easy to wash, is highly resistant against wear, abrasion and repeated cleaning cycles.

RD-MONOVAR PU is a clear varnish for walls and concrete.

RD-Monovar PU offers a good resistance against water, wear and abrasion and will protect the substrate against moisture, dirt and further yellowing. RD-Monovar PU is very convenient to apply and can be used both in domestic and commercial areas. The matt version is appreciated in modern concrete constructions to keep the surfaces clean and looking as new.

Benefits to the customer

Chemical resistant
Abrasion resistant
UV resistant
Very low VOC content 20g/l

Benefits to the customer

UV resistant
Resists to abrasion and water
Fast drying
Creates an easy to wash and easy to clean aesthetic finish
Very low VOC content 50g/l
Can be applied as top coat on most types of coatings, indoor and outdoor
Available in matt, satin and gloss
Adheres directly on cement, concrete, bricks, etc.


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