Terrix® Interior Water proofing system is intended for use in swimming pools / spa environments.

The system is based on low absorption reinforcing coat, polymer-silicate primer and polymer-silicate top coat.


Terrix® RN-LF 8
Renovation levelling finish to be used as a levelling/reinforcing coat directly on block work. The product to be installed in conjunction with Terrix® AC-MS reinforcing mesh.

High strength of the coat
Easy application
Provides high vapour permeability
Suitable for spray mechanical application
Reinforced with micro glass-fibre
Very low water absorption

Terrix® PR-PS-R
Coloured primer based on low-alkali polymer-silicates and copolymer adhesive intended for proper preparation of the substrate for Terrix® EP-PS-R polymer-silicate top coat for damaged substrates.

Increases the adhesion of top coat - adhered to the substrate by chemical binding
Reduces and equalising absorbency of the substrate
Provides high vapour permeability
Provides protection against staining and blooming and efflorescence
Reduces dustiness of the substrate
Transparent or coloured to colour of the substrate/top coat
Reduces risk of algae and fungi growth

Terrix® RN-PS-S
Due to its mineral characteristic and lack of surface electrostatics, the product is the most resistant type of the render on the market. Terrix® RD-PS-S 1.5 will never delaminate as it is adhered to a substrate by a chemical reaction which makes the coating permanently connected with the substrate.

Low cost maintenance vs other renders
Suitable for spray application (up to 5 times faster)
No risk of flaking or delamination
High resistance to elements and algae growth
Low surface water absorption
No risk of flacking or delamination


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