Terrix® Render is based on innovative Swiss, patented technology converting potassium water glass into a polymer.

Polymer-silicate render offers all advantages of well know silicate renders without limitations related to the application process (silicate renders are very often used for renovation of historical/listed buildings due to its longevity). Due to its mineral characteristic and lack of surface electrostatics, the product is the most dirt resistant type of the render on the market and will never delaminate as it is adhered to a substrate by a chemical reaction.

Another important property of the render is its built-in high resistance to microbial contamination (eg. algae) as well as efflorescence. Terrix® RD-PS-S 1.5 is recommended for use in coastal areas where exposure for elements is high.

Benefits to the customer

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No peeling or delamination or cracking

No flaking or cracking as Terrix® RD-PS-S paints bond to the substrate by chemical reaction.

High resistance to elements

The render is fully suitable for costal application.

Very high resistance to dirt

Not achievable by any organic based renders on the market, it is due to its mineral formulation therefore lack of surface electrostatics. The dust will not be attracted to the render.

Flame retardancy

Due to the lack of organic components in the render and pigments used for colouring. Terrix® RD-PS-S provides protection against the spread of flame. Mineral characteristic of the product makes it fully incombustible.

Colour retention that lasts

Built in UV blockers to maintain original look of render.

Natural algae resistance

Increased Ph level (high alkalinity) delivers natural and long lasting protection. Other products on the market are protected by addition of biocides which have limited lifespan (5-6 years).

Very low water absorption

The product is more resistant for winter when water freezes and by expanding causes system failures.

Spot repairs

The product can be easily spot repaired without leaving any visible patches.

Low maintenance cost

Due to render prosperities and application method the cost of maintenance is usually many times lower vs other products.

Benefits to the applicator

Spray application
Decreased wash-off risk
Easy spot repairs
Can be applied on not fully dry substrates


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