Terrix® External Wall Insulation System EWI-W1 and EWI-E2 are changing the way people and contractors render and fit external wall insulation to buildings.

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We use patented Polymer-Silicate technology throughout our product range that ensures that our renders stay looking good long into the future. The Polymer-Silicate renders can be offered as a complete external wall insulation system, in conjunction with a choice of insulation such as expanded polystyrene, mineral wool and polyretene which offer unique advantages over any other EWI system. The main system polyemer-silicate finish coat offers all the unique terrix® beneifts.

Benefits to the customer

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External insulation of buildings walls

The walls are made of masonry (bricks, blocks, stones...) or concrete (cast onsite or as prefabricated panels).

Thermal Insulation

TERRIX® EWI-W1 is designed to give the wall to which it is applied thermal insulation.

Enhanced protection from the effect of weathering

TERRIX® EWI-W1 is made of non load-bearing construction elements. It does not contribute directly to the stability of the wall on which it is installed, but it can contribute to durability by providing enhanced protection from the effect of weathering.

Flame retardancy

Best in Class A Flame retardancy. Non organic means no spread of flame.

Variants in applications

TERRIX® EWI-W1 can be used on new or existing (retrofit) vertical walls. It can also be used on horizontal or inclined surfaces which are not exposed toprecipitation.

High rise buildings

TERRIX® EWI-W1 is suitable for both low and high rise buildings.

Low maintenance cost

Due to render prosperities and application method the cost of maintenance is usually many times lower vs other products.

Benefits to the applicator

NO Waste
NO Drilling
Speed of application
No disruption to substructure of the building
No cavity required for SFS or timber Frames


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