Terrix Winter System

Terrix Winter System


Render in the winter months, is a challenge to the construction industry.

Contractors and applicators face the same issue year after year.

When the winter months arrive, cold and wet weather can pose a major problem for contractors and installers, who are working to tight programmes and deadlines. In most cases, render projects are put on hold. At a time when new house builders, for instance, are driving to hit their sales targets and deliver customer satisfaction moving in dates.

Traditional silicone and acrylic renders predominately have a working temperature range of 5°C to 25°C.
They are not tolerant to wet/cold days as they dry by evaporation. The weather can then create unforeseen delays and render system failure, resulting in additional costs and time for the applicator.

The only way to combat this is the correct Product Selection!

Terrix Winter System drys by a chemical reaction and needs only 1 hour of drying time to be wash-off resistant.

It can be applied in a lower climate range of 0°C or above.

Work does NOT have to stop when the weather gets cold and wet, below our approved applicators from B.A.B Plastering Ltd – Managing director, wesley britton and team, continue to work through these cold conditions rendering a problematic wall for the client back to perfection.
Terrix® winter render system offers accelerated drying times perfect for winter application, highly reducing the risk of wash-offs. The overall benefits of traditional methods are too long to list.
Here’s a few:

Once applied just leave it and enjoy.
If you would like any information on this system, please contact our official importer at: marketing@ft-terrix.com

The system used comprises: