Terrix Restoration Systems now being applied on Grade I listed properties in the UK

Terrix Restoration Systems now being applied on Grade I listed properties in the UK


Renovation of Historical Buildings and Monuments

PCC Terrix® provides comprehensive solutions for the renovation and repair of listed buildings. Our technology covers each building section, from the foundation, through the façade with stucco to the interior finishing. The products are designed to preserve the mineral character of substrates and provide high diffusivity of the coatings and a noble surface finish.

Terrix® renovation products can be turned into a work of art in the right hands. We are proud of many renovated European landmarks, such as palaces, castles, churches, and many other public buildings. Renovated buildings testify to the best times of their splendour, spreading proudly in many charming places. They reveal their elegant interiors to the viewer, often with restored paintwork using selected paints, selected colours from the era, and applied with particular techniques.

Terrix® renovation paints are compatible with historical substrates and paints. We offer a wide range of options, including lime paint, silicate, polymer-silicate, watercolours or translucent coatings to protect bricks, stones, or renders without changing their appearance.
With the Terrix® STUCCO, it is easy to repair or reproduce, even the most detailed shapes.

Depending on the tools used and the processing technique, mineral/lime plasters in various granulations allow for obtaining more or less pronounced textures.

Finishing plasters can emphasise the character of the interior and the era’s identity, with unlimited application options using contemporary techniques. Finally, we offer many complementary products for substrate reinforcement, consolidation, hydrophobisation, biocidal protection and injection. Thanks to our knowledge and experience as one of the leaders in the European chemical industry, we have brought products that meet 100% of the requirements for restoration products and, at the same time, are easier to apply and have better properties. In PCC’s Conservation of Historic Buildings department, we feel and understand the art of conservation.

We want to share our knowledge with our clients, provide helpful advice on selecting materials, and use their natural qualities best. Furthermore, we want to present such solutions and products so they can fulfil their tasks for many years, beautifying our European architecture.