Terrix® Brick Slips are gaining momentum on the market

Terrix® Brick Slips are gaining momentum on the market


The increased demand for this product is exciting, Terrix® brick slips are eradicating the bad reputation standard brick slips have developed over the years. 

Terrix's range of brick slips imitates bricks in a very real way they are technically exciting products that have been manufactured and developed to meet the industry's demand for a lighter thinner profile brick slip. Weight and thickness can all be major deciding factors when specifying brick slip cladding, this high-performance brick slip delivers not only on weight but has all the additional benefits delivered by its production of using the highest quality quartz sand and special resins.

The speed of application of Terrix® Brick Slips out performs any other comparative system on the market today, transforming project times. This product offers unique properties such as vapour permeability, resistance to algae growth, lightweight and fire resistance. The manufacturing method allows us to make each tile utterly unique in terms of colour and texture so that the facades look as if they were made of traditional bricks. They can be used on almost any facade without the need for additional reinforcement or foundation, meeting the demands of both commercial and residential clientele whilst delivering the ultimate choice in durability, longevity and style. 

Brick slip training is now well underway from our training center in Rochdale to support 2 exciting new schemes ahead.

Brick slip training starts with a presentation from our technical team on the product and its unique benefits:

Followed by a step-by-step demonstration of the application process and finishing.

The applicators were blown away by the quality of the product and the ease of application.