Product Choice is Paramount. New Victoria Manchester

Product Choice is Paramount. New Victoria Manchester


Work is well underway on the New Victoria project by VINCI Construction in Manchester. The 118 million pound development will house 520 Apartments in the city center next to Victoria station. Terrix Spray, Polymer Plaster and Paint system was specified on the interior fit out of the apartments.

VINCI made the move from traditional methods on this project excited by the speed of application along with the benefits the chemical bonding of the product offers, such as no delamination, flame retardancy, breathability, colour retention with a high quality smooth finish to name but a few. A win for the contractor, the client and the eventual property owner.

Hear it from the experts on site below. Outlining how, Terrix spray Plaster and Paint System a quality system when applied together leaves a flawless smooth spray finish, less waste, less snagging a much cleaner and safe application method with benefits that far out weigh traditional methods. Thank you to all involved in shooting this video and making a change in the industry.

Paul Hampson, JCS Interiors
Andy Pollitt, Smith Painters
Josh Smith and the team at Vinci Construction
The chemical bonding of the polymer silicate has been described as tattooing the wall leaving a superior quality finish that leaves building looking NEW long into the future. No longer will poor quality paint and plaster that appear drab with evidence of peeling, cracking, damp and loss of colour be acceptable for the building trade.
It is great to be involved in this project and collaborate with the speed of its construction, an impressive addition to the sky line with interiors that will stay looking new long into the future.